SMME – Super Models Middle East has changed its name to CreateMENA.

CreateMENA builds architectural models, corporate installations and bespoke builds from Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information or to discuss an idea you would like building please email Neil at

SMME changes its name to CreateMENA

Super Models Middle East was established in Dubai in 2005 and has a vast amount of experience making models in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Gulf Region. SMME make and deliver high end architectural models to UK standards locally in the region.

We use only the best materials from around the world in order to make any type of model ranging from sketch and stylised models for client give-aways to highly detailed presentation and marketing models.

We have access to industry standard equipment including laser cutting and CNC machines, as well as the latest technology including SLA Rapid Prototyping and Acid Etching allowing the highest level of detail to our models. We pride ourselves in producing the best models at competitive prices.  Our ability to produce UK standard models made locally in the region with the added option of using UK materials and suppliers means a cost saving on UK prices as well as omitting the hassle and expense of shipping and logistics which could result in time delays and inflated costs.

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SMME - Super Models Middle East was founded by Neil Wormsley who worked at RSH-P (Richard Rogers Partnership) in Hammersmith, London between 1999 and 2005.


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