SMME changes its name to CreateMENA

SMME changes its name to CreateMENA

SMME (Super Models Middle East) have changed their name to CreateMENA.

CreateMENA will offer industry leading architectural models and will now encompass more services including larger builds such as corporate installations and one of bespoke features.

SMME has for some time traded as a line partner of Clarion Sign LLC and now through Clarion, CreateMENA have access to a team of experience metal fabricators and welders, 8×4′ CNC cutter for timber and MDF, 8×4′ laser cutter for acrylic, 5m x 3m water jet cutter for steel plate up to 20mm thick and a high powered laser for cutting intricate details in steel, all resulting in CreateMENA able to build a broader range of bespoke items.

Architectural Model Making – Architectural models are hugely popular in the Middle East to easily inform of a new development, tower or villa design. We can build any type of model to a high level of finish, in a short amount of time and on budget.

Interactives – Interactive panels are quickly becoming the industry standard for architectural models. We are able to install a touchscreen interface to communicate the scheme to the viewer through an easily accessible interface.

Media Tables – Media tables are the next step in architectural model builds. The base of the model is replaced with flat, edgeless LED screens which are configured to whatever size required.  A traditional stylised model is placed on top and a movie or show real plays informing the user in a more realistic and natural way. A touchscreen interface can also be fitted to engage the viewer more as well as overhead projection for the complete marketing package.

CreateMENA builds architectural models, corporate installations and bespoke builds from Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information or to discuss an idea you would like building please email Neil at

SMME changes its name to CreateMENA