Model making companies in Dubai, UAE

Model making companies in Dubai, UAE


It can be very difficult to choose the many model making companies in Dubai. SMME, now CreateMENA makes models, corporate installations and bespoke builds.

We have the ability to make models of almost anything however we specialise in architectural models for exhibition, marketing events and displays within company headquarters etc. We also make models to use as photography props, tv and film. We also make models for shop window displays, point of sale items and short run corporate gifts.


Our model making includes making masters from acrylic, timber or clay which can be cast using a variety of materials. Our metal finish resin casts look like metal however are cured by a chemical reaction and not heat traditionally used in a foundry. The surface can be sanded and polished to look very realistic.


We are seeing an increase in models ordered to our model making department who specialise in architectural models. Architectural models can range in scale and size and are hugely popular in the Middle East to communicate a design or development layout. A building or tower model usually range in scales from 1:500 to 1:100. Masterplan models showing entire developments range from 1:1000 to 1:5000 depending on the clients wishes and what the model is required to show. Each model is built bespoke to each client and development. We use a variety of materials including acrylic with a sprayed finish to achieve the look required. Each model is expertly crafted to ensure your presentation or event looks the best it can be.

SMME has changed its name to CreateMENA. For more information please email For quotations please email

SMME changes its name to CreateMENA