Model Makers, Architectural Models, Model Making Specialists, UAE

Model Makers, Architectural Models, Model Making Specialists, UAE

We make models to your exact specifications. We specialise in making architectural models to the highest standards. We use industry leading materials to produce the best models we can in the Middle East. Whether you require a sketch or concept model or a full detail presentation or marketing model, our skilled professionals are ready to make the models of your dreams.


Model Making is a specialist art of building 3D representations of a new design scheme. Model Making ranges from large scale tower blocks showing specific design details to small scale masterplan models showing entire cities.

Our portfolio includes 3D representation of newly designed scheme or alteration to an existing scheme and is usually exhibited at an exhibition and marketing event. Model making is still one of the best ways to fully understand a new design. The viewer can walk around the model and by crouching or standing tall, can see every possible angle and view.

Model Makers and Model Making in the Middle East is very popular. The growth in Dubai for bigger and better passes to the model making required so extremely large and elaborate models are made throughout the year to exhibit at the many exhibitions in the region. Cityscape Abu Dhabi and Cityscape Dubai are the most popular exhibition event for model making. At these events there are many hundred models. Very popular models are scheme model making with the sole purpose of selling apartments or villas. The prospective purchaser can see where their new apartment will be and the view from the balcony and what is surrounding the new apartment blocks. All this can an is done by model making.

Also popular at the many events are masterplan models showing new developments. Some of these masterplan models have 2,000 – 3,000 villas as small matchbox size blocks, all individually lit with landscaping, trees and people. These vast models take thousands of man hours to make.

Architects use architectural models as a design tool to develop and fine tune designs as well as for client design presentations. Model making at a design stage ensures the look is as it should when built and also more importantly, any issues of fit and function can be worked at at the design stage through the model making to avoid costly corrections on site whilst building the actual scheme. For this reason design models and design development models should be to very exact dimensions. Design development models could be at a variety of scales usually 1:20 – 1:50 however in some cases scales could be from 1:10 to 1:1 if actual built materials are required as a mock up.

Our skills include Specialist model makers, making models including architectural models for exhibitions and marketing events. Bespoke model making details to all models made. We make models of concept design details including making master models for short run castings.

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Specialist Architectural Model Makers, making models to exact standards from our facility in Dubai Investment Park, Dubai UAE.