Model Makers, Architectural Models, Model Making Specialists, UAE

Model Makers, Architectural Models, Model Making Specialists, UAE We make models to your exact specifications. We specialise in making architectural models to the highest standards. We use industry leading materials to produce the best models we can in the Middle East. Whether you require a sketch or concept model or a full detail presentation or marketing model, … Read more

Super Models Middle East – New Website Launched

Super Models Middle East – New Website   Our new website is live, please see  We will load more work over the coming week, please keep checking back. Super Models Middle East offers architectural models to UK standards in the Middle East.  We also offer Design and Sketch models which can be a cheaper … Read more

Architectural Models – Muted Colours

Architectural Models – Muted Colours As architectural model makers we often get asked to produce models which overemphasise colours especially greens for landscaping and trees so the model portrays a look of a more fertile environment.  When making models for Western clients the complete opposite is expected with models showing muted and washed out colours which are … Read more

Architectural Models – Materials

Architectural Models – Materials   A variety of materials can be used when making architectural models. Traditionally acrylic is used in the Middle East however timber models are very popular in Western countries. Timber models are not as popular in the Middle east due to the moisture content of the air and the use of … Read more

Middle East: Architectural Model Making

Middle East: Architectural Model Making   Keeping standards high when making architectural models in the Middle East is a challenge. SMME produce architectural models to UK standards with a London look and feel using various industry leading suppliers from around the world.  High end materials are essential to produce high end models and we do everything we can to … Read more