Architectural Models – Materials

Architectural Models – Materials


A variety of materials can be used when making architectural models. Traditionally acrylic is used in the Middle East however timber models are very popular in Western countries. Timber models are not as popular in the Middle east due to the moisture content of the air and the use of AC, timber moves in different environments and movement on any architectural model should be fixed for obvious reasons.

Architectural models made using wood are made the same way as any other model, a carcass is assembled using mdf* and veneers are applied to the surface. Each veneer is laser cut the same as acrylic parts, with surface score details shown as a slightly burnt line instead of a surface score with acrylic models.

Using timber veneers for models are very popular with architects as timber is see as a more natural look. Also timber models are very rarely sprayed so time spent choosing and agreeing model colours is not required.

*MDF is used as it has no grain therefore does not move or twist.


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