Architectural Models – Muted Colours

Architectural Models – Muted Colours

As architectural model makers we often get asked to produce models which overemphasise colours especially greens for landscaping and trees so the model portrays a look of a more fertile environment.  When making models for Western clients the complete opposite is expected with models showing muted and washed out colours which are toned down to match a models scale.  It is important to remember when making a model that colours require scaling too as well as the building elements.  Landscaping, trees and street furniture should blend in with the model in both size and colour.


This architectural model is a good example how colours can be muted to match a model’s scale.  All colours complement each other and no single element jumps out or is over emphasised. This toned down finish is achieved using a “frost” technique applied as a spray and usually benefits a model required for exhibition and marketing purposes.  Models of this nature are lit for maximum effect via a light source housed within the model base. The “frost” finish helps catch the light and maximises the glow from the internal light source creating more visually appealing model for exhibition and marketing events.

Colour is also changeable via the internal light source. LED colour control panels offer any mixture of colour to be achieved. By fitting an interactive touchscreen display the viewer is engaged with detailed information about a specific area or feature available instantly at the user’s fingertips.

All model components are made using laser cut parts drawn from CAD drawings with the same surface details applied either as a laser cut line, score line or etched details.

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